Amightywind com I love you! My Testimony


Mirrored Video Originally Uploaded by DaughterOfYAH27 on Apr 3, 2011,(thanks daughter) ,,in Spanish,in African,Hi! I am one of many Ministers of Amightywind and this is just a small way of showing my love and gratitude to this Ministry and leaders of Amightywind. Amightywind was birthed by THE RUACH HA KODESH (THE HOLY SPIRIT) 23 years ago, and has been on the internet for 16 years…and now on youtube..woohoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIGHTYWIND!!! Not to mention, it is also the birthday of my Pastor and Spiritual Mom, Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) aka Momma Rm. She has truly been a blessing in my life with countless hours of one on one ministering and love and fellowship. I love you Momma Rm, I love Amightywind, and I give YAHUVEH all the Praise, Honor and Glory. HALLELUYAH!!!,AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND YAHWEH YAHSHUA JESUS CHRIST YAHUSHUA YAHUVEH RUACH HA KODESH HOLY SPIRIT Prophecy Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Apostle Hebrew Elijah Sherrie Elisabeth Yahsladynred Judaism Jews Spiritual messiah gospel truth lord salvation prophet word preaching jacob pastor warrior joel shofar deborah daughters of destiny prophecy end times signs demon stompers yds deliverance hell heaven ephesians armor saints god’s army spiritual warfare

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