This mirrored video Originally uploaded by DaughterOfYAH27 on Jul 3, 2011,(thanks daughter – Happy 4 month anniversary beloveds!),MESSIANIC JEWISH WEDDING, BONE OF MY BONE,Hi! We are youth ministers and Translators of Amightywind Ministry. We would like to share with you a video of our Messianic Jewish Pentecostal YAH Ordained Wedding 🙂 We had the honor of having a Holy Prophet of YAH, our Spiritual Mom, Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) aka YAHSladynred, be used mightily to perform the marriage ceremony over the phone. This was a miracle because we always have problems with our phones, static, breaking up etc, but in this occasion, it was so anointed by YAH the sound on both ends was perfect, I was AMAZED! The anointing in the room was supernatural! Not to mention it was Day of Pentecost, June 8, 2011! I appreciate and love all who were able to come, wish we had the funds to b able to bring EVERYONE!,Before YAH brought us together, we were both tried and tested and placed in the fire, but we both prevailed and what YAH has joined together, no man, nor woman, nor child, nor devil, nor demon, can separate. We were crafted, molded and brought together by the Holy Hand of YAHUVEH GOD ALMIGHTY. May this video serve as proof that Amighytwind does not break marriages, nor families, but brings together those who love GOD wholeheartedly with all their mind, spirit and soul. We are soulmates, that does not mean we will ever put each other before YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST), but it means that together, hand in hand, we will stand before the enemy and battle together, work together, and help each other. We are each other’s helpmates. ,Almost four years ago I read “Bone of My Bones, Flesh of My Flesh” for the first time, and I wept all night not knowing who or where my soul mate was. I wept because I was that broken butterfly in the poem. I then prayed for my soulmate, whom I did not know at the time. I prayed until one day, YAH brought us together, not by mere coincidence, but by HIS Holy and Righteous Hand, through acts of obedience. This Holy Marriage represents the Bride of YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA/JESUS said the Bride dressed in white bridal gown without spot or wrinkle symbolizes the true Holy Bride of YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST,The Groom represents YAHUSHUA. There is a special anointing and blessing on these wedding vows, they were given straight from HEAVEN and also the Bone of my Bone poem. This poem is protected by copyright and may not be used without first requesting permission from Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu), aka yahsladynred.,The below is the link to the poem that I read:,,Please read it if you are looking for your soulmate. ,The following link is a video of a young woman asking Prophet Elisabeth Elijah about her soulmate, watch and be blessed! ,,From yahsladynred: Born again Holy Spirit filled Couples If you want to use poem for your wedding we would be honored if you would allow us to attend your wedding via You tube and this goes for the wedding vows also. I would love to hear from you just write YAHSladynred I am only allowed by GOD to marry people who I know are living Holy and Worship and serve YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST and who are soulmates. , /,Wedding Jewish Wedding Messianic Wedding YAHUSHUA YAHUVEH RUACH HA KODESH Day of Pentecost Bone of my Bone Flesh of my Flesh AmightyWind Wedding ceremony DaughterofYah27 Exposetheevil007 yahsladynred Bride of YAHUSHUA Bride of Jesus Christ chuppah soulmate

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