2012 cults exposed ~ Wanna be god TRUMPETCALLOFGOD


http://amightywind.com (reuploaded from my T2Todd2 account)nn,nn,Trumpetcallofgod says that he is god? These are the signs of a cult.nn,nn,(Note: This video has been reuploaded from my T2Todd2 account)nn,nn,This video is done against a false prophet, Timothy trumpetcallofgod whose blatant lies and false prophecies have angered YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST as he says things that are completely contrary to the Holy Word and the character of YAHUVEH/YAHWEH God and attacks HIS Holy prophet. YAHUVEH’s Holy prophet, prophet Elisabeth Elijah, prophesies and teaches everything that is holy, pure, and in obedience to YAHUVEH’s Ten laws, The Ten commandments, including the 4th, Keeping the Sabbath day Holy, Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown. Prophet Elisabeth not only preaches and prophesies lawfulness but leads people to a loving obedient and intimate relationship YAHUSHUA, who is worthy of all things for who HE is and what HE is has done. Timothy’s lies and hate and intentions have been clearly exposed, such as him ‘prophesying’ and ‘teaching’ that hell is not eternal, leading souls tormented by suicidal thoughts to commit suicide, and many more doctrines that are contrary to the Holy Scriptures as you will see in this video. Timothy’s (Trumpetcallofgod’s) jealousy and hatred for Women prophets of YAHUVEH God has caused him to not only prophesy the death of prophet Elisabeth, a true prophet of YAHUVEH God, but also to rail against YAHUVEH’s ten commandments as the man of lawlessness, the anti-christ will do the same. Timothy (trumpetcallofgod) prophesies nothing, but in order to appear legitimate he periodically goes to a news website to learn about the issues presently going on and scrabbles down words which he calls prophecy. Not only does find himself in a dung hole when his ‘prophecy’ never comes to past but he allows that same spirit of pride and jealousy to motivate to commit more evil in sight of YAHUVEH God, leading souls astray into the arms of the ant-christ, who is indeed the worthless shepherd. As a Shepherd carries a lamb, so will timothy carry you till he throws you off the edge into hell. Repent Timothy, before YAHUVEH’s judgment falls down Psalms 7:11. Jesus Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, loves all who will repent, so repent timothy before HE destroys. There is a reprobate HE despises.nn,nn,tags: heaven hell antichrist satan Jealous false propet timothy trumpetcallofgod trumpetcallofgodonline deathuntolife sin center judgment hell lake of fire truth holiness purity bride Jew Gentile Jerusalem Elisabeth Elijah amightywind.com almightywind.com YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA / YAHSHUA / Jesus Christ / YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Great Tribulation Glorified bodies yahsladynred YAHSservant777 Sabbath YAHSsheep777 T2odd2nn,nn,SATANISTS:SATANISTS TO WATCH OUT FOR ON YOUTUBE: crosswayokc, lacybunny/christiantruther, MLove4christ, nephtali1981, pastorgeorgec, thekathleenbean / wisdomhunter93, savedbyjesusblood, MinisterQuietbuck, Freddymack1000, Finalcall07, trumpetcallofgod, sanderclarijs777, jfritzyb, Gruurk2, controlcults, OrgoneMad, Redsmoky, rahabthejerichonite, liftaloft, donny71954, violetkitty411

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