(Reuploaded from my T2Todd2 account)nn,Beware, Nehemiah Centre is a cult. This holy video is done against a child of satan, cult member MinisterQuietBuck / Servant4YHWH /Quietbuck/Letmetalktonn,YAH/MinisterofYHWH/ YHWHisKing/Nawktor/nn, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, calling himself a minister, but is truly a Native American shaman. A Native American shaman preaching a new age doctrine which walks hand in hand with the doctrines of the illuminati and that of that of the antichrist. Did YAHUSHUA, Jesus Christ smoke and heal with marijuana that came from Aliens? NO. Did YAHSHUA, Jesus Christ who performed the holy miracle of walking on water, engage in the occultic practice of levitation? NO. Did YAHUSHUA, Jesus Christ say HE isn’t to be worshiped? NO. To all truth seekers, this video is done not only in defense of this Holy ministry, amightywind, the prophecies which are all in line with the holy scriptures and leads to YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST, but is also done so that the precious sheep and lamb can see the wolf for what he is , that their soul may be kept safe. nn,nn,This man, who worships another man named RED ELK as God attacks this ministry which preaches that YAHSHUA is GOD and is the only way to Father YAHUVEH (YAHWEH), that loving HIM is keeping the Ten commandments, that we prove we love HIM by keeping the Ten commandments, and that if we truly love HIM we will keep the Ten commandments, in love. NEVER LEGALISM, for that is against GOD’s will. That includes keeping the Sabbath day holy, Friday sundown to saturday sundown. nn,nn,He also attacks amightywind ministry because YAHUVEH/YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA/JESUS have commanded us to put HIM first in our lives and love and teach others this truth, to walk in holiness and purity, and live a life of repentance, a turning away from sin till the very day YAHUSHUA comes for us. Then, our robes, the robes of all the holy bride will be without spot or wrinkle. nn,nn,An excerpt of a prophecy this shaman attacks:nn,Prophecy 13 “Although I rejoice at coming to take MY Children out of this wicked world, to carry MY Bride home in MY arms, I weep and I sob for I am torn in half. So many will be left, so many that call themselves MINE and yet MY Spirit is not in them. They will be left to suffer the wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH! Tell them MY daughter, tell them for ME. Warn them. Many will listen and obey this prophecy. I weep for the churches that are overflowing and people stand in line to get in the churches.nn,nn,Yet MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) is not in these churches. These people call themselves mine, and they don’t know ME. They are the church of the pretenders. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME. They will be left to suffer the wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH if they don’t REPENT! What a tragedy. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH IS COMING QUICKLY!”nn,nn,Prophecy 8 “Fear not, your Bridegroom doth come. Hold on tight to your faith, for although I am quiet I am testing those that proclaim their love for ME. But by feeding, warning MY sheep you will be proving your love for ME. By willing to suffer persecution, hatred, rejection for MY Name sake, you are proving your love for ME. By holding on tight to your faith though with your eyes you can’t see the answer to your prayers, you will be proving your love for ME as you say, “YAHUSHUA even if you never answer another prayer I worship you for who you are, for what you did for me at Calvary.”nn,nn,This will prove your love for ME, by being willing to lay your reputations down for ME and if need be to sacrifice your lives for the Gospel of YAHUSHUA. This will prove your love for ME, by obeying ME, and seeking ME, and openly confessing and worshiping ME. This will prove your love for ME. By exposing the wolves in the sheep’s den that come to devour the sheep, by picking up MY sword of the RUACH ha KODESH and defending MY sheep you will prove your love for ME. You say you love ME MY Children? Then by standing for holiness and for right and not wrong, by being conformed to MY image and not that of the world you will prove your love for ME. I end this with one question, “Will you prove your love for ME”?”nn,nn,nn,Is he justified in these attacks? He isn’t for he himself follows prophecies which says that though we are of different faiths, we must all come together to seek a new era of spiritual illumination, a doctrine that belongs to none other than the anti christ himself. This man is a liar, shaman, associated with the Illuminati and will lead you to satan and to hell. Please BEWARE of this wolf, lest he takes your soul to hell. nn,nn,Tags : rapture Great Tribulation Bride five wise foolish Yahushua Yahshua / Jesus Christ heaven hell Sabbath day amightywind almightywind prophecy prophet prophetess salvation antichrist satan lawlessness ten commanmdents mark of beast sunday law repentance calvary blood of YAHUSHUA/Jesus Christ Jew Gentile heathen sin Israel Holy Elisabeth Elijah

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