End Time Infiltrator dares GOD make my HEAD fall off if Real! (1_2)


GOD Remove my head! said infiltrator Gluteusilluminatus. Will it happen? Also What does it take for a man to sell his soul? For this infiltrator sammo21001, only the removal of a few videos. Meet Sammo21001 and his new friends, namely one called Gluteusilluminatus aka TheGlutesOfLove aka TheGlutesOfWrath who dared YAHUVEH GOD to cut his head off by Saturday to prove HIS existence. His prayer shall be answered. Prophet Elisabeth Elijah recently received a vision of that very same thing happening on Saturay, which is the Sabbath, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. nn,nn,Watch video for more. I am a Youth Minister of Amightywind Ministrynn,*******nn,Tags: amightywind.com almightywind.com almightywind amightywind heaven hell war fire brimsetone Judgment Great Tribulation Bride Yahushua Yahshua Jesus wisdom Ruach ha Kodesh second coming end times head

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