John Hagee, You Are Doomed, saith I, YAHUVEH!


(Originally uploaded by YTForYAHUSHUA) Prophecy given to prophet Elisabeth Elijah from the mouth of YAHUVEH (YAHWEH)nn,nn,http://amightywind.comnn,nn,Do not weep for ME, MY Daughter. Be not deceived MY Daughter for I am not easily mocked. Weep for John Hagee. Do you not see MY Daughter? I told you as you and your husband were out in that tent on the 27th of September 2007 [Sukkot]. I told you, you heard MY footsteps and I told you I was walking this earth in a form you would not recognize. One after another, those who say they represent ME, those who say they represent YAHUSHUA, those who say they are filled with the RUACH ha KODESH and they have no part of US! OUR Spirit is nowhere near them.nn,nn,John Hagee, you are fit for the fire of MY destruction! You deny MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as MESSIAH! You’re lining your pockets with gold for fame and for fortune. You sold your soul for it was determined long ago. John Hagee, I Prophesy through MY Ringmaiden now, you are doomed! For you not only lie to the Christians, a mammoth church worldwide, you deny MY Son YAHUSHUA to the Jews knowing not even the children of satan could remove what was written above the stake where YAHUSHUA was crucified, “KING OF THE JEWS!!!”

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