MARY BARNES Salem, Mass (1662) Witch Trials – Who is TheKathleenbean_

0 (Reuploaded from my T2Todd2 account)nn,nn,Seduction, lies, suicide, witchcraft, cults, covens, Who is TheKathleenbean?nn,nn,Who is TheKathleenbean? Do you know how to recognize a Witch? No, you don’t have throw them in water to see whether they sink or float to determine their guilt. satan in these final days, isn’t sending his servants dressed in black, but in lily white. Doesn’t the Word confirm this?nn,nn,2 Corinthians 11:14 “And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.”nn,nn,The only way to recognize them, is through the discernment of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit), which comes as you walk in the truth. Because if you don’t walk in the truth how can you recognize lies?nn,nn,thekathleenbean aka wisdomhunter93 aka Abandoned2God is a modern day witch who is part of a satanic network called the Unity Gathering, who is part of Nehemiah Centre Coven (cult). She along with her occult buddies teach abominable heresies in order to claim souls for satan and the antichrist who is coming very soon.nn,nn,thekathleenbean, claims her husband committed suicide and later she claims she saw angels take him to heaven. HERESY! Other heresies:nn,nn,Heresies such as: Jesus died, therefore sin all you want because Jesus paid the price at calvary. There is no need of repentance, obedience, or holiness, because Jesus Christ paid the price.nn,nn,She claims that suicides can go to heaven? So If someone selfishly blows his/her brain out its ok, they go to heaven anyway, because Jesus Christ paid the price.nn,nn,TheKathleenbean delights to say things like “I’m God’s Kid!” or ‘I love Jesus!” or “It’s not what you do, its what he did!” while she and her coven leads you to hell, just like the strange woman in the book of proverbs. “Little do they know, house is a grave and her guests are in the depths of hell”.nn,nn,Her Nehemiah Center Cult (Unity Gathering) are heavily involved in the occult. Such as voodoo, witchcraft, satanism, vampirism, shamanism, kaballah, wicca, hoodoo, astro projection, etc. and are sent here to Youtube to keep an eye on the sleeping Christian community so that they remain sleeping, blind and deaf.nn,nn,YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) and YAHUSHUA (Jesus) have raised up this ministry Amightywind as a standard against the evil, to go after the lost souls and warn them of YAHUVEH’s judgment that is to come. YAHUVEH has used HIS prophet, Prophet Elisabeth Elijah to deliver messages for the world, to accept YAHUSHUA (Jesus), to repent to walk in holiness, purity, virginity and holy love. This is all possible because when you accept YAHUSHUA, HE gives you the Holy Spirit to do these things.nn,nn,Please visit or and read the prophecies that you may be ready for the coming of our Messiah, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ). The one whose demand for holiness and obedience to HIS Ten laws, including the Sabbath, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, has never changed.nn,nn,WIth YAHUSHUA’s lovenn,nn,nn,SATANISTS TO WATCH OUT FOR ON YOUTUBE: crosswayokc, lacybunny/christiantruther, MLove4Christ, nephtali1981, pastorgeorgec, thekathleenbean / wisdomhunter93 / abandoned2god, savedbyjesusblood, MinisterQuietbuck / Quietbuck, Freddymack1000, Finalcall07, trumpetcallofgod, sanderclarijs777, jfritzyb, Gruurk2, controlcults, OrgoneMad Redsmoky, rahabthejerichonite, liftaloft, SleestakPortal, bearkiller777, childofyahvh (betrayed YAHUSHUA though she keeps calling HIS Name; HE doesn’t listen to her) ,nn,nn,Other tags: Great Tribulation heaven hell antichrist deception aliens / demons governmenment betrayal Bobby Barnes Mary Barnes (1662) salem wicth hunt fire wrath judgment Israel repentance holiness YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) YAHUVEH / YAHWEH

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