Mass Suicide Jim Jones Experiment_ Deceiving Stories of Donny71954


What CULT is preparing mass suicide? The one and only Unity Gathering cult, lead by Pastorgeorgec and implemented by Donny71954 among others. The book of Revelation clearly reveals the intent and future actions of the antichrist and that of those who serve him like those two mentioned above. Being exposed, Watch and you will understand why they in turn accuse a Holy ministry, Amightywind Ministry of promoting mass suicide.nn,nn,Donny71954 and his cult leader Pastorgeorgec have effortfully sought to destroy the true children of GOD, through death threats, unceasing slander and calling upon satan to harm us, however the gates of hell shall not prevail against YAH’s Amightywind Ministry. nn,nn, – Visit to read the prophetic messages spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Eliljah from the mouth of YAHUVEH GOD and YAHUSHUA MASHIACH (Jesus Christ).

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