Saved by jesus blood Roger, Black baptism_

0 Holy Amightywind Ministry nn,nn,(Reuploaded from my T2Todd2 account) nn,savedbyjesusblood Roger New World Order sunday law satanist shamanism witchcraft harry potter, order of the phoenix, deathly hallows, prisoner of azkaban, NATO, FEMA, Death camps, cult coven United States of America government plans, project blue beam, great deception Great Tribulation Hebrew Name of Messiah YAHUSHUA (Jesus) nn,nn,This is a video done against a satanist, and wolf in sheep’s clothing, Roger, who goes by the YT name, saved-by-jesus-blood. According to him, he is convicted by a spirit within him to wage a war against the Holy gospel, Amightywind ministry who preaches and teaches the Holy gospel and anyone who teaches the truth about the Sabbath day, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. He believed it righteous in his heart to wear black to a baptism which is supposed to be holy and display pagan items before his ‘baptism’ which represent the false god molech. He has consistently mocked YAHUVEH/YAHWEH GOD and YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST in this manner by linking and likening the darkness of his clothing and black dye of his hair to the holiness and purity of YAHUVEH GOD and YAHUSHUA GOD in whom there is no darkness. This satanist, Roger, has only presented to the Christian community two things as his ‘qualifications’ for being a child of YAHUVEH GOD and proof that HIS robes have been washed as white as snow and that is his YT username and his funeral which he calls his baptism. Again, carefully spitting on the purity of YAHUSHUA by flaunting his black, dark clothes in a Holy baptism. nn,nn,Roger has in no way shown himself to be a child of YAHUVEH GOD but instead a mocker of YAHUVEH GOD and child of satan sent here to YT to deceive the Christian community, attack anyone who truly preaches the Holy gospel, and keep the Christian community as ignorant as possible about the truth of the Sabbath day. This truth which you will also learn as you watch this video. nn,nn,This all done for the praise, honor and glory of Abba YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST and the RUACH ha KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT, and for the protection and salvation of innocent sheep and lambs.nn,nn,rapture Great Tribulation Bride five wise foolish Yahushua Yahshua / Jesus Christ heaven hell Sabbath day amightywind almightywind prophecy prophet prophetess antichrist satan lawlessness ten commanmdents mark of beast sunday law repentance calvary blood of YAHUSHUA/Jesus Christ Jew Gentile heathen sin Israel Elisabeth Elijahnn,nn,tags: amightywind almightywind Sabbath YAHUSHUA / YAHSHUA/ Jesus Christ holiness ten commandments obedience love judgment love holiness wrath heaven hell antichrist mark of beast Gentile Jew Great Tribulation church sunday mark of beast false signs wonder deception satanist Roger damnation salvation YAHUSHUA Son of YAH (GOD) rapture bride five wise five foolish bridegroomnn,nn,INFILTRATORS TO WATCH OUT FOR ON YOUTUBE: crosswayokc, lacybunny/christiantruther, MLove4Christ, nephtali1981, pastorgeorgec, thekathlenebean / wisdomhunter93, savedbyjesusblood, MinisterQuietbuck, Freddymack1000, Finalcall07, trumpetcallofgod, sanderclarijs777, jfritzyb, Gruurk2, rahabthejerichonite, liftaloft, donny71954, violetkitty411

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