Seduction and witchcraft in the Church ~ Christian Fellowship_ Tjbrook88 _ MsTJBrook exposed


Can Christians go to hell? http://amightywind.comnn,nn,Have you ever pondered the reason why so many churches resemble absolutely nothing like the early church? Have you ever wondered why so many profession Christians resemble absolutely nothing like YAHUSHUA MASHIASCH (Jesus Christ)? nn,nn,It is those who constantly exclaim grace while seeking the destruction of the very law which exposes their sins and condemns them. Tjbrook88 is only one cult member, a new age infiltrator here in this Christian community, who preaches that very doctrine completely contrary to each Word YAHUSHUA spoke. HE said “I come not to destroy the law but to fulfill it” which means, through the blood of YAHUSHUA and by HIS grace we are able to keep the law in true love, proving our love for YAH John 14:15. nn,nn,Can Christians go to hell? Only those like tjbrook88, who claim to know Jesus Christ, and yet indulges in witchcraft, seduction, and preaches false doctrines to lead souls away from the truth of the gospel and the truth of the prophetic messages spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, which you’ll find at nn,nn,Please watch to see how witchcraft, seduction, cult activities, infiltration, is destroying the ‘church’ today. At least destroying those who have a form of holiness and yet no holiness within. nn,(Tjbrook aka MsTJBrook is the sister of Drusselnn,tags: TRUTH war heaven hell testimony YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ YAHUVEH church christianity Jew gentile RUACH ha KODESH blasphemy occult exposed Edward cullen Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Bella swan Taylor lautner Jacob black twilight the vampire diaries NATO lady gaga alien egg New world order illuminati liftaloft robreedesq new moon anne rice vampire chronicles slaughterhouse (liftaloft’s favorites) liftaloft records sarah clarke Anna Kendrick Jessica Christian Serratos Angela Michael Welch Mike Newton Ashley Greene Alice Cullen Jackson Rathbone Jasper New moon True blood Bella swan married Cathrine Hardwicke Stephenie Meyer UFO sightings 2012 strange sounds seduction fornication infiltration worldwide Anna paquin oscar Sookie Stackhouse Stephen Moyer Bill compton Sam trammell Sam merlotte Ryan Kwanten Jason Stackhouse Rutina Wesley Tara thornton “Tyra Banks show” halloween 2008 episode I heart vampires the real house of mcCabre Don Henrie liftaloft walk in the light deception “Lifting Aloft the brethren” ? PROJECT BLUE BEAM FALSE RAPTURE ALIEN DECEPTION INVASION LADY GAGA Catholic MICHAEL JACKSON MASS MEDIA FALLEN ANGELS DEMONS ZOMBIES satan devil schemes NEW WORLD ORDER MARK OF THE BEAST antichrist Biblical Truth Prophecy Prophetic Mass Media Entertainment Will Smith CNN NBC FOX News Jay Leno Hybrid humanoid reality Russian News UFO HAARP Skyline Movies Prophet Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred AmightyWind AlmightyWind Ministry

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