A Warning To Christians _ Tjbrook88_MsTjbrook _ – All Who Profess The Name of Jesus Christ


http://amightywind.com/ http://almightywind.com/ Please read here to see more information that is important for all who profess the name of Jesus Christ to know, are you ready for this truth? Defending the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST and All that is Holy. nn,nn,Tjbrook88 aka MsTJbrook is just an example of someone who is in this satanic network that is on Youtube. This network is working under one spirit to chase Ministries with the genuine anointing away, like this Ministry named Amightywind. For the past Months her target has been Amightywind Ministry and my Pastor/Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. Tjbrook88 seeks to debunk the Jewishness of our MESSIAH YAHUSHUA which is very stupid because we all know YAHUSHUA MASHIACH was born of a Hebrew hand-maiden named Mary, HE shed HIS blood on Jerusalem soil, spoke to Paul in a Hebrew tongue etc. She does this to prove that we don’t need to keep the 10 commandments including the 4th commandment, keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Let me ask you this if YAHUSHUA MASHIACH,Jesus Christ, came to do the works of the FATHER, which is the will of HIS FATHER, than what are those works? What have been the works YAHUVEH GOD? THE 10 COMMANDMENTS! Its very simple, please watch and see how simple it is to obey YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. So Tjbrook88 preaching a lawless message, which is she covers up by saying “We just need faith and not works to be saved.”, is leading people to a lawless New Age Jesus that is the Anti-Christ himself. If you are serving this New Age Jesus that she is preaching, you then are breaking the 2nd commandment, which is “put no other GOD before ME.” That is sin and if you do not repent you will end up in hell. If someone you are listening to for Ministering and Guidance in your walk with Jesus Christ, who’s true name is YAHUSHUA MASHIACH in Hebrew, and they are not teaching you to keep the 10 commandments and live the testimony of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH then something is wrong, because it clearly says that the true people of YAH keep this in Revelation 12:17. nn,nn,Repent for the Kingdom of YAHUVEH GOD is at hand! Are you ready?nn,nn,======================================================nn,YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH JESUS CHRIST YAHUVEH GOD HOLY SPIRIT RUACH KODESH Bride of AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND Elisabeth Elijah Holy Prophet yahsladynred yahsservant777 yahslittleone trustyah777 jarofclay9 ablewaterwalker VictoryinYAHUSHUA777,exposing New Age religion New World Order Church PastorGeorgec Tjbrook88 Nehemiah Center

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