AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND presents Judgment YAHUVEH’S War Cry from Heaven!!


Prophecy 73 given to Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijahnn,,40nn,nn,Prophet Elisabeth Elijah was asked to pray if the music fit the Prophecy. Elisabeth prayed and this answer came forth “This is judgment music and symbolizes a war cry from Heaven for YAHUVEH is pent up with Rage and fury and it will not be long before that rage and fury will be unleashed on this world. However those who are loving, worshiping, obeying, following, trusting YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH have nothing to worry about ABBA YAHUVEH is not angry with those who acknowledge HE is Almighty in Blessings and Curses. ABBA YAHUVEH Blesses those that Obey HIM and curse those who willfully dis-obey the commandments. Repent and turn away from sin before it is too late because it is not a question whether ABBA YAHUVEH’S wrath, rage, fury will be unleashed on this earth that has become as a Sodom and Gomorrah, it is only when it will happen? YAHsaveswitness says he had an encounter with YAHUVEH and it will be 2011 next year! Elisabeth has had blessing speaking to him for 3 hours and discerns he is a Holy Man with a mission to warn all he can reach. May this Video be a blessing to help spread YAHUVEHS warning. Whether the Great Tribulation starts in 2011 let us pray we are worthy to escape it. If we are obeying then we have nothing to worry about.

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