Amightywind Ministry is a blessing from HEAVEN Testimony I


Finally, I come out to tell all my beloved family in YAHUSHUA how much I appreciate you all!nn,nn,Amightywind Ministry really is from Heaven, really is from YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ and RUACH ha KODESH Holy Spirit!! This was the Ministry that saved me from my rebellious path, the Prophecies the Words from YAH’s mouth saved me and lead me to the path of righteousness, the path of Holiness, there’s nothing that can compare to YAHUSHUA’s LOVE!nn,nn,…Praise YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and precious RUACH ha KODESH!! Thank YOU for raising up this Ministry, may more people see and hear YOUR voice! *:)nn,nn,Link to Amightywind Ministry site:nn,http://amightywind.comnn,or the mirror site:nn,http://almightywind.comnn,nn,If anyone needs any minister please do write YAHsladynred (yt account)

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