Bruce Griffin Sammo21001 now friends with satanists with PROOF


Sammo21001 who once protect, defend, rebuke reprobate enemies of 25 yr old MInistry of amightywind which it has been on Internet for 17 years! Now in 25 languages. This Apostolic Messianic Jewish Pentecostal International Ministries at with Apostle Elisabeth Elijah YAHsladynred who is my Pastor.,Sammo21001, someone I called a “brother” for about a month. Now he turned against Apostolic Foundation, the HOLY SAVIOUR, and yoking himself with God-hater GluteusIlluminatus (see screenshots in video), redsmoky (also in video) and a lot more people in the Nehemiah sin Center by “pastor”georgec. They ARE not Christians, yet are dangerous wolves devouring those who seeks after the TRUE SALVATION! We in GOD’S Amightywind Ministry warn it is DANGEROUS for Christians to be yoked with satanists.,Hear me! True Salvation comes from YAHUSHUA/JESUS ALONE. HE can washes ALL your sins, YET you have to live a Holy life. How is it helping if after HE takes away all your sins yet you still live under the bondage of sin? STOP SINNING, LIVE A HOLY LIFE, BE YAHUSHUA/JESUS HIS HOLY, UNBLEMISH BRIDE!,That is the HOLY GOSPEL that YAHUSHUA/JESUS uses HIS Amightywind Ministries for! ( ,There’s also Prophecy 119 in the end of the video.,,Amightywind Ministries are reaching 25 different languages, see it yourself LOL,

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