Deliverance from sin – Falsely Accused by pastorgeorgecc and nehemiah center


SAY NO TO ABORTION!I am one of the many Youth Ministers at AMIGHTYWIND Ministries.nn,I am rebuking the Nehemiah Center Cult as they try to bring up a past sin that has been washed by the shed blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST, in the name ofYAHUSHUA.Jesusismyguide777 aka Lacybunny i rebuke you in the name of YAHUSHUA, you are reprobate(Rejected Silver) in the eyes of THE ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH and all i have to say is How dare you! How dare you try and touch the anointed of GOD.Here are the comments from these wicked ones, see there fruit, how it is rotten and bad. “JesusIsMyGuide777 (4 hours ago) (Pending approval) Approve | Remove | Block User | Spam Marked as spam Have you seen your out of wedlock baby, Eliyah lately? Such a beautiful baby. Thank God Maria left you and the YDS and took Eliyah with her away from your cult’s madness. Where does the Bible say you can have babies out of wedlock and your pastor condones that he was born into this world out of wedlock? Your “holiness” is an act like many of the other YDS members such as the couple living in adultery, etc. I already let them know I know about them. You all are a joke. “I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY SON, I AM ASHAMED OF THE SIN OF LIVING IN SIN WITH A WOMAN THAT WAS FORNICATION, BUT WE DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS WRONG, WE THOUGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD WE WERE MARRIED. AFTER FINDING AMW WE FOUND OUT YAHUSHUA COMMANDED US TO EITHER MARRY OR SEPARATE HE SPOKE A WORD AND HE COMMANDED US WHEN WE REALIZED FOR REASONS THAT ARE NOT ANYONES BUSINESS. AGAIN PASTORGEORGEC OF NEHEMIAH CENTER CULT WITH HIS FAKE CHRISTIAN CULT SHOW HOW EVIL REPROBATE THEY REALLY ARE THEY ATTACK ME BECAUSE OF MY PAST THAT HAS BEEN ERASED BY THE SHED BLOOD OFYAHUSHUA. THEY ATTACK ME BECAUSE I AM ONE OF MANY YOUTH MINISTERS REACHING MANY SOULS FOR YAHUSHUA. I DON’T LIVE IN SIN,I DON’T LIVE TO SIN . BUT AT ONE TIME I DID, EVERY BORN AGAIN BELIEVER HAS A PAST I CONFESS I ALSO WAS A SINNER UNTIL I WAS CONVICTED THROUGH THE PROPHECIES GIVEN TO APOSTLE/PROPHET ELISABETH ELIJAH, FULL OF CONVICTION,SO ANOINTED I COULD HEAR YAHUSHUA WARNING ME TO MAKE HIM LORD OF MY LIFE,THAT MEANS ALLOW HIM TO LIVE HIS LIFE THROUGH ME TO LIVE HOLY. THIS IS HOW I KNOW SHE IS NOT A FALSE PROPHET, ITS NOT JUST MY LIFE THAT IS CHANGED BUT EVERYONE WHO ACCEPTS THE TRUTH OF THE CONVICTION OF SIN, DEMAND TO LIVE HOLY FROM OUR CREATOR TO BRING YAHUSHUA GLORY, WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH WE ONLY WANT TO PLEASE HIM, HE WAS CRUCIFIED AND HIS BLOOD POURED OUT PERFECT WITH OUT SIN,HE WAS EXECUTED LIKE A CRIMINAL NOT FOR HIS SINS BUT FOR MY SIN LIKE FORNICATION PLAYING HOUSE WITH A WOMAN INSTEAD OF MARRYING HER. YET YAHUSHUA DIDN’T STAY DEAD ON THE 3RD DAY HE AROSE BEFORE WITNESSES AND HE ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN AS THE NEW BLOOD COVENANT FOR WITHOUT THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD THEIR IS NO FORGIVENESS OF SIN! HE IS MY HIGH PRIEST MAKING INTERCESSION FOR ME IN HEAVEN,AT THE RIGHT HAND OF MY HEAVENLY FATHER.People who say its impossible to live a life without purposely sinning are liars and will take you to hell. Each day everyone who works by Apostle Elisabeth Elijah’s Side make a decision to walk in the HOLY SPIRIT not in the flesh. There is no condemnation is only for people who do this. READ YOUR BIBLE our enemies condone satanists, blasphemers, Occultists, you only hear them accuse me now trying in public to humiliate me but it will not work. Instead YAHUSHUA told Elisabeth Elijah and its in her testimony, “Be not ashamed of your past but use it for my Glory” This is what I am going to do, to show others living Holy isn’t hard once you really get serious with GOD and accept YAHUSHUA and ask HIM to lead and guide you allowing HIM to be LORD RULER GOD of your life. This is my decision to walk Holy with YAHUSHUA to strive to please and serve HIM more each day, because there is no one that can love you like YAHUSHUA, No one can fill that void put in every person except GOD who is YAHUSHUA. My Church is AMW and my Pastor is my Spiritual Mother as well as the mother of my Child she calls her Mom also. Elisabeth was on the phone as the mother of my child was in hard labor praying for her, loving her, she does not condemn us, she loves both of us and her grandchild. this is what I will teach my Son. YAHUSHUA is the reason I live and now our anti abortion song RISE UP SPEAK UP TELL THE DEVIL TO SHUT UP is my testimony I will put on the response page. Women don’t have to have abortions, there is another choice accept the responsibility like the mother of my child and I did. Is it hard, yes, its not easy to raise a child, financially it is hard, a reminder of your sin is hard, but the greater reward is I am forgiven of the sin, and only have the reward as a reminder HOW MERCIFUL AND GOOD YAHUSHUA IS! I have a Son who I will raise to worship YAHUSHUA and teach him with the example I shall give him how to live Holy. My Son is the 2nd reason I live on this earth.nn,Please visit us at AMIGHTYWIND.COM or ALMIGHTYWIND.COM

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