Jesus_YAHUSHUA grant Holy Divorce!!! Amightywind com Ministry


Prophecy 111 -I, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH/Jesus Christ, Grant You A HOLY Divorce Decree, For Those Who Need It.,,,YAHUSHUA/Jesus says:,Beloved Son (or Daughter), as I see you compare your marriage to a woman (or man) marking off time as a prisoner in jail on death row. You grieve me more than you know. You fear breaking your wedding vows, and think divorce is not allowed, but this marriage was not ordained by ME, rather it was ordained by both of thee.,You chose this woman (or man) and asked me to bless what I did not join together. It was only a matter of time before you both would regret your choices and realize this illusion of a marriage is like the fate of the titanic boat, it turned out to be another one of satan’s cruel jokes.,Rejoice MY Son (or Daughter) and this know, I AM YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, I am your ROCK of AGES, your anchor and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will never let you go!,A man (or woman) on death row can be released by the signing of a pardon, by a figure of authority. There is no higher power than “I AM” so by the Authority of Heaven with MY Holy shed Blood I sign this divorce decree, I,YAHUSHUA, your LORD/GOD/MASHIACH now pardon thee! Remember, I promised you life more abundantly and full of MY Glory and I came to set the captives free!,Now, all I ask you to do is put legal action behind MY words. Make it so in the world’s eyes legally and repent of this sin, let it not happen again. Continue to keep your eyes on ME and be a faith water walker and remember what happens if you keep your eyes on the troubled stormy waters in a sea of depression, and hopelessness. It will drown thee if you don’t keep your eyes upon ME.,I have now removed the scales off of your eyes, and undeafened your ears so you can plainly see and hear that the woman (or man) your unhappily married to was by your own lustful hand. You are unequally yoked spiritually in various ways. Your spirit’s and personalities do not compliment one another no matter how hard you try. It is all a sham a lie. It is like trying to get vinegar and oil to mix, no matter how hard you try, it always will separate in the end. Do not look upon this as another failure, instead realize I am blessing you with another new holy beginning.,The main thing you both have in common are broken pieces of shattered hearts, turmoil and pain. For both of you had an illusion this would be a happy marriage and you would never fail again. You both thought you knew one another, and now neither of you like what spirit you behold in the other. This marriage hasn’t turned out what either thought it should be, that is because Son or Daughter it wasn’t ordained in Heaven and decreed a blessing by the HOLY TRINITY. So through MY Name, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH your LORD, GOD and SAVIOR, I now take MY blood and apply it to that manmade marriage certificate and say to whom I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, has set free is free indeed. I now grant you this HOLY Divorce decree!

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