JESUS’_YAHUSHUA’s Soldiers Make War – Song of Battle

0,Praise YAHUSHUA!!! Amightywind Ministries is also known as the Jeremiah 6:27-30 Tester of Metals Ministry as many are being tested to see what fruit they produce. As John the Baptist said in scripture the fruitless tree will be cut off and cast into the fire. Those that produce good fruit, live holy and are accepted by YAHUSHUA MASHIACH will inherit the Kingdom of YAH. We make war as in Ephesians 6, as we put on the full armor everyday we do not compromise with sin or sinners in the name of our ALMIGHTY YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, KING of KINGS!,Please READ the Prophecies given to my Pastor/Prophet Elisabeth Elijah/Elisheva Eliyahu at

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