Joan Rivers Escapes Hell, Abductions, Aliens, lies by Sherry Shriner

0,,I am a Youth Minister for Amightywind Ministries- My email: [email protected],Sherry Shriner Claims to Abducting/Kidnapping people “Alien” Style! She claims Joan Rivers escaped hell and that GOD used her to do this! She claims that JESUS CHRIST is NOT the Only Begotten SON of GOD! Please watch this video about Sherry Shriner and her stupid orgone! Beware of the Blue Beam Project and Rapture,Please watch the following important videos:,Reptilian/Alien on the Internet – Sherry Shriner, who she really is:,,DO NOT BUY SHERRY SHRINER’S ORGONE!!! – alien on the internet:,,Sherry Shriner’s false Dec. 25th 2012 Prophecy exposed!:,,SCARY PICTURES DEMONS,UFOS,ORBS ORGONE OCCULT OF SHERRY SHRINER:,,2015 BLUE BEAM Rapture & Alien Deception Pt.1 – feat. Lady GaGa:,

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