pastorgeorgecc Busted Again – Scam Revealed

0,About 4/5 Months ago AmightyWind Ministries was given a mandate from Heaven to expose Fatal Error Network, the owner Asheistheraven and the one pulling the strings in all of this pastorgeorgecc. After warning the Christian Community and many others about this scam of a website, we were mocked, stoned and told to shut up. Now we reveal to you that this warning came to pass. Asheistheraven and pastorgeorgecc were busted in a scam in which many were hurt, abused and traumatized. They were given many donations through Con-Artistry and by seeking emotional followers through a made up woman named “Della”, they deceived many people. Please watch this video and see what really happened behind all of this. Many of Pastorgeorgecc’s Nehemiah Center members took down their Fatal Error Network video’s, lets find out why.,Tags:, SCAM pastorgeorgecc Asheistheraven Nehemiah Center Baby Myah Scam Exposed AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred yahsservant777 yahslittleone

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