Sex magick,wicca and Tjbrook exposed

0,This is a video response/rebuke to: “SEXUAL RITUALS/MAGIC IN THE CHURCH – A Must See For Christians” ,Amightywind Ministries has a Branch called Bone of my Bone, Flesh of my Flesh where two soul-mates are joined together for the sake of spreading the Gospel. With both anointings coming together in a marriage, they are capable of doing what one person alone can not do. This marriage is supposed to represent YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH(Jesus Christ) and the Bride(the Church). Now, MsTjbrook aka Tjbrook88 has falsely accused Amightywind Ministry and the marriages ordained by GOD within this Ministry of committing sex magic, a sexual ritual performed by witches and wiccans. This is utter BLASPHEMY and ridiculous, just because YAHUVEH GOD has taught us to anoint our bodies with anointing oil before becoming one with the other mate so this could be done to glorify the TRINITY, and witches/wiccans apply oil on themselves for their twisted reasons. The devil and his servants always counterfeit what GOD YAHUVEH and HIS children do, as you will see in this video how desperate the evil ones are to contaminate the body of YAHUSHUA. After watching this video you will have no excuse in why you should believe or entertain the lies and accusations of Mstjbrook. Woe onto you if you repeat her lies and spread them for the sake of leading sheep away from the truth, by doing this you are spiritually laying in bed with Jezebel.TjBrook88/MsTjbrook is the one in the cult, teaching people how to perform sex magic and witchcraft rituals! ,The Divorce issue – AMIGHTYWIND.COM:,

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