The Story With Publicwarnings and her Deceptions Unfolded

0,Publicwarnings started off on the right path, having enough discernment to see the truth within this Ministry, AmightyWind. As she allowed her spiritual growth to become stagnant early on in her walk with YAHUSHUA MASHIACH (Jesus Christ), you will see what happens to someone when passivity, stubbornness and jealousy drives them forward, or in this case I should say backwards. Despite the love, counsel and attention we showed Terra, we now began to see her wander off, surfing all over the Youtube and the internet searching for more, swallowing every false doctrine and lie out there. As you will see in this testimony of mine, how she ended up from serving the true LORD GOD YAHUVEH of the Bible to serving satan with everything that is in her. This immediate transition has no mystery behind it, Covetousness, Jealousy, Curiosity, and Rebellion were the main factors in Terra’s down fall. ,When she joins with YAHUSHUAisLORD(Cain), aka Anthony you will see her rebellion reach a new level. As she joins with this satanist in his quest to destroy a Holy Ministry that belongs to GOD YAHUVEH. This is complete insanity, they are fighting against GOD and who are they to knock GOD off of HIS throne? ,Please watch/read more videos, teachings, warnings, prophecies from Heaven at AmightyWind.Com. ,YAHsHolyMinistry007 aka YAHsHolyMinistry777

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