Warning! Devastating Earthquake COMING on Passover!!!


Devastating Earthquake Coming On A Passover,12.24.2004,Ministry website: http://amightywind.com,Dream page: http://amightywind.com/dreams/041230passover.htm, * * * * * * *,I was standing in a room. Suddenly the earth started shaking extremely hard. And I said, “There’s no way the earth can take this!” It felt like it was falling apart. ,Then I yelled, “YAHUSHUA(Jesus’ Holy Hebrew Name), HELP!” There was a large TV on a stand that started to slip off onto the floor. I reached out to grab hold of the TV before it slide off the stand. Then the shaking stopped. ,When I thought the earthquake was over, I heard a voice say… ,”END OF ROUND ONE…NOW FOR ROUND TWO!”,Then the shaking stated again and it was just as violent as before. ,My family and I were not harmed while there was massive destruction all around us. This earthquake occurred during the day. ,I walked outside and someone said he had to go to the store for emergency supplies. My son said he was going with him. ,I said, “No, please don’t. Stay with me.” ,Then I looked into the sky land said, “Look! Look!” ,My family and other people standing around me were looking up where I was pointing. ,They replied, “Look at what?” ,I said, “Can’t you see it?” ,They said, “See what?” ,And I started describing what I saw. It was like a colorful oil painting of the Last Supper that had come to life. I saw YAHUSHUA (Christ) surrounded by His disciples, taking communion. It was so beautiful! It was life size. ,– End of dream — ,When I awoke, I asked YAHUSHUA why I dreamed of seeing the Lord’s Last Supper, and He told me… ,”BECAUSE THE SHAKING WILL BE ON A PASSOVER.”,I don’t know what year, on the Passover, this will happen.,* * * * * * * *,What is going to happen on a future passover is beyond what is going to happen to Japan and ChristChurch New Zealand earthquake Japan’s Nuclear radiations Gods Judgment . Prophet End Time Prophetic dreams prophetic visions YAHUSHUA YAHUVEH RUACH ha KODESH JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT GOD AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND GREAT TRIBULATION TIME of JACOBS TROUBLE PSALM 91 protection Biological Warfare Chem trails 10 plagues egypt Earthquake

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