Word from GOD Joel 2 Army Prophecy – Heaven Is Calling you Forth!


http://amightywind.com/ http://almightywind.com/,LINK TO FULL VIDEO:,Who Is Jesus? Christs Crucifixion and Power of HIS Cross – Exposure Included ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxUuPqRsiwc,Are you ready for a shock? Jesus’ Crucifixion is being mocked before your eyes? How did you miss this? Find out the truth in this video that for the glory of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH(Jesus Christ) is relevant for you to know, because it involves your salvation and where you stand in your walk with YAHUSHUA and how serious you take your walk with YAHUSHUA the MASHIACH. Remember the scripture says one must walk out their salvation with fear and trembling. ,For Almost 3 years now a man on Youtube by the name of pastorgeorgec has been slandering and mocking the truth of the Gospel of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH (Jesus Christ). pastorgeorgecc’s attempts to destroy a Ministry named after the Holy Trinity -Amightywind Ministries- have proven to show the very core of this man’s heart and fruit, which is rotten as proven in this video. he teams up with Youtube User Tjbrook88 aka MsTjbrook to come up with more and more ways to slander this Ministry. Their recent lie that Amightywind Ministries is involved with witchcraft, magic wands and spells(as they say) has been refuted in this video that you are about to watch. You will see in this video why they claim such a lie and how this Ministry fights back and proves their lie to be of satan and not true. If satan is the father of all lies and they have partaken in this lie wouldn’t it come to conclusion that pastorgeorgecc and Mstjbrook/Tjbrook88 then are children of the devil? We are shown in 1 John chapter 3 that there are only two kind of people on this earth and that is the children of GOD and the children of the devil. ,For more information on Amightywind Ministry please visit the website links above.

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