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Prophecy 21,Are You Ready For A Shock? ,Gabriel Has Blown His Horn! ,Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah,August 7, 1998 ,If you are blessed by the Prophecy Prophet/Apostle Elisabeth Elijah invites you to visit and, and read all the Prophecies for this is a small sample of them. If you have any questions or prayer requests send us a emai. We look forward to seeing you in heaven!,,,YAHUSHUA/Jesus says:,SHOUT IT FROM THE INTERNET!,SHOUT IT FROM THE HOUSE TOPS!,PROCLAIM IT IN THE STREETS, AND CHURCHES! RADIO, and TELEVISION!,YAHUSHUA MESSIAH IS ON THE WAY! ,Gabriel has blown his trumpet! The sound waves have been blocked with the raging battle that is going on in the Heavenlies now. Michael and Satan and the angelic hosts fight, good against evil, but good always triumphs. There are those that have heard the shofar horn and those that have not.,Yet I tell you I have given the warning to those that have heard the horn, though Gabriel’s horn has only been heard by a FEW, thus far, it was only to prepare MY Bride for her Groom doth come. Do not be concerned that you have not heard the shofar horn of Gabriel yet for it is yet for an appointed time. Even the sound waves can only be blocked for an appointed time. For am I not the one that knows how far Heaven is from the earth? Even the calculations of this I have preordained. ,Quickly do what I have ordained and called you to do. Those that I have blessed financially, when I come back and I find you have been storing up your money for a rainy day and letting the prophets and apostles go without that are to speak forth the prophetic words around the world and tell of MY coming and the need to get ready. Woe be unto those that have done this. ,Woe be unto those that have muzzled or tried to muzzle or discouraged or hindered MY Apostles and Prophets in speaking forth. Woe be unto those that have mocked, abused MY Apostles and Prophets for speaking this forth. You have been warned, now tell others. I told MY handmaiden Sherrie Elijah this first and told her to test the Spirit that speaks and tell others gradually. She would have the confirmation she sought, from those who she knew not but I knew they had ears to hear. This went against her doctrine and beliefs she was taught when Gabriel sounded the trumpet. Then you which are living will be caught up to meet ME in the air.,This is true but what you don’t know is revelations I now reveal through this handmaiden. It will go against your religion, yes, and your doctrine. But MY Words are faithful and true. There is a time lapse between these events. First Gabriel sounds the shofar, then a great war in the Heavenlies that this earth is already seeing, the lightning and hearing the roar of MY thunder. This earth is already feeling the cataclysmic repercussions like a woman giving birth. The Heavens are giving birth to the Son of YAHUVEH coming again!!! The Heavens convulse as a woman giving birth. The earth shall see and feel these contractions just as a woman giving birth. There shall be hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, and earthquakes and they shall become greater in proportion as MY coming gets closer. ,You have always had these things, true, but now you will see a change in the atmosphere, for I alone am Almighty God YAHUVEH and I will prove how you can not trust the calendar as to what season will appear. Take note of the planets as I shift what you have believed and show what you have not yet seen. ,Take note of the sun and the moon and the stars for again I have surprises in store for this earth. I will prove I alone am Almighty YAHUVEH! I will provide I shall no longer be mocked. That which the heathen said is impossible I will show with Almighty YAHUVEH, all things are possible. The heathen’s gods shall crumble to debris. The earth will open up and swallow Buddha. I will show what puny gods the heathens have put their trust in. I shall have no other gods before ME. Those worshipping other gods shall die with their gods unless they repent today. Tomorrow may be too late! You have been warned! Anything you put before YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is a god. Be it a person, place or thing. Anything you love more than ME, I will remove. Nahum 1 plainly states, I am a jealous God.

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