Prophecy 62,KING IS COMING!!,YAHUSHUA/YAHSHUA COMING TO RAPTURE HIS BRIDE to HEAVEN!!,Please note that Apostle Elisabeth Elijah is not saying the rapture is in 2010, no one still knows, only time will tell.,Prophecy given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah.,Prophec 62,Apostle Elisabeth Elijah’s personal message:,”,We believe it is the true Holy Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST is His name in KJV Bible.) that holds back the antichrist and are used as a standard against evil of this world. New Prophecy 118 is “GREAT TRIBULATION A BREATH AWAY”, released on June 27 2010 combine that with it was 4th anniversary of Arch Angel Michael( Mikael’s) visitation, combine that with the message given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah by Michael, non stop spoke to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah while she was sleeping. Archangel Michael said “Read Prophecy 62, tell others read Prophecy 62,encourage the Bride Prophecy 62.” Apostle Elisabeth Elijah had gone to bed disappointed, for Arch Angel Michael did not appear to her again. But He did come, and although Elisabeth Elijah didn’t see Him, she heard His voice the entire time she was sleeping. let enemies slander, falsely accuse Apostle Elisabeth Elijah, insult and mock! Apostle Elisabeth Elijah will stand before throne of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA with no fear because she have heard and seen Holy Angels and YAHUSHUA visited Elisabeth Elijah face to face!,”The devil fears and trembles because he knows Apostle Elisabeth Elijah speak the truth, AmightyWind Ministry is hated by all the children of satan. when the enemies call this Ministry evil, remember it is satan that is speaking through these enemies, false witnesses who attack Apostle Elisabeth Elijah, and dare to use the name of JESUS CHRIST, for they fear you hearing the warnings in these Holy Prophecies. Come to taste and see the fruit is good, don’t listen to others you sample it yourself. If your name is in Lambs Book of Life, you will feel the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT. Amightywind Ministry (AMW) is Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Ministry do not compare it to the organized Christian Churches. We are an outreach to Jew and Gentile. Blessed are ye when you are persecuted for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH Name Sake. Apostle Elisabeth Elijah has no revelation whether YAHUSHUA will come for His Bride in 2010 but we pray and seek HIS face in love and eager anticipation for this we know KING IS COMING YAHUSHUA/YAHSHUA COMING TO RAPTURE HIS BRIDE not for a organized religion but for those who are striving to put a smile on His face each day, and striving to obey HIM in every way, loving Him and serving Him for YAHUVEH’S Glory. “,Let YAHUSHUA/Jesus be your SAVIOR TODAY! Today is the salvation, tomorrow may be too late.,VISIT SALVATION PRAYER HERE, ,Abba YAHUVEH YAHUSHUAHA MASHIACH IMMAYAH RUACH KODESH SHKHINYAH GLORY Holy YAH God jesus truth yeshua bible torah tanakh pentecostal Messianic judaism Jewish Endtimes ministry Prophecy Prophecies Prophet Elijah Elisabeth YAHWEH YAHSHUA salvation Israel jerusalem bride of christ

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