PLEASE READ THIS! :,:,Here are the instructions: Do not look at the moon., Stay indoors (bring your pets indoors too), and be in prayer intercession for protection against satan’s agenda., Close, cover and anoint your windows i.e., Close your blinds and curtains. Literally cover your windows with something. If you have windows without curtains, you can cover them with cloth, or cut and tape over garbage bags. Keep windows shut, and covered. , Seal your windows in prayer with anointing oil. (You can use olive oil, {any oil you have or even water if you have nothing else. Just pray over it that it represents the blood of the LAMB, YAHUSHUA—similar to Exodus 12—then put some on your windows. ), We must take it seriously this night to anoint—ahead of time—our homes, doors, windows and take Psalm 91 prayers seriously! , If you are scheduled to work at your job during the eclipse, call in for a sick day if necessary, and stay home or at least somewhere indoors where you can pray. If you live in unequally yoked household, anoint yourself and the immediate area surrounding you., The eclipse is 27 or 28 September depending on your time zone. Check this site for the time where you live. It begins 28 Sep UTC/GMT 00:11 (around midnight, 12:11 AM UTC) and ends 5:22 (5:22 AM UTC). The maximum eclipse is UTC 2:47 AM., Even if the eclipse is not visible in your country, it does not mean the evil has not gone forth, SO BE IN PRAYER!

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