_God over _ nah its YAH over EVERYTHING !!!


I know there is a lot of “God over this” or “God over that” but we living in the end times we gotta turn it up a Notch so it has to be …,YAH over EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!,YAH is GOD’S Hebrew Name, like in HalleluYAH that means ,“Praise YAH!”,Checkout The YAH over EVERYTHING Blogs at:,http://blog.amightywind.com/its-gotta-be-yah-over-everything/,http://blog.amightywind.com/is-yah-truly-a-jealous-god-yah-over-everything/,http://blog.amightywind.com/yahushua-jesus-first-to-truly-put-god-over-everything/,Also checkout the End-Time Prophecies at http://www.amightywind.com or http://www.Almightywind.com

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